About PMG

Founder’s Message


Yosef Bonaparte, Founder  of PMG (click picture for Linkedin)

“CU Denver Portfolio Management Group is committed to providing education and experience in portfolio management to empower students to achieve theirs goals, especially more knowledge and management skills to provide a solid base for a future career in finance.”  – Yosef Bonaparte

PMG was founded at CU Denver in 2014 with the sole purpose of enhancing students’ financial education. As the realm of business advances at an unprecedented rate with a widening gap between academia and professional demands, students are often tasked with attaining real-world experience on their own. Our job at PMG is to bridge the gap between the professional world, and our members’ financial education. We emulate a real-life investment firm while providing education and networking opportunities to all of those involved.

CU Denver Portfolio Management Group has worked very hard over the past years to establish a solid structure for the years to come. Help from the Denver community and the Dean’s Office have been a great help in getting us through our startup phase. We are expanding quickly as a group, and we are always to strive further. With the tremendous amounts of work from past executives, we are now in a position to pursue real funding; we believe this goal is tangible with our current executive team. With the help of the Denver community, our group’s friends, the Business School of CU Denver,  and our current and prospective members, PMG is destined to have a bright future ahead.

What We Do

The University of Colorado Denver Portfolio Management Group (PMG) is a student-run organization within the University of Colorado Denver School of Business. The group provides students with a unique opportunity to develop skills related to investing and portfolio management. Our community involvement has allowed us to gain funding of $250,000 to invest using our strategy. This real world experience is invaluable to students as they edge closer and closer to the professional world. We are aggressively pursing additional funding, and by building a solidified track record of strong returns we believe we will accomplish this goal.

The group consists of both, undergraduate students as well as graduates; while a good majority of its members study finance, students of all disciplines are encouraged to participate. In the financial field, firms seek out math majors, information systems majors, and even psychology majors because finance applies to every topic in the real world. We strongly encourage any student interested to apply, regardless of their major.

Our newest members typically begin as Financial Analysts, and after going through various steps and learning may be promoted to Sector Heads where they will manage a team of FA’s. The next level of promotion would be membership of the Executive Team which consists of six roles.

The group typically holds bi-weekly meetings to provide training sessions, discuss the performance and management of the group’s portfolio, and to hear from our guest speakers. Half way through the semester the group holds a Quarterly Meeting which entails a presentation from each Sector Head and their team of FA’s.