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The Information Systems Association is University of Colorado Denver’s growing community of Information Systems students that facilitates the engagement in higher education.

The association works closely with alumni, professionals, as well as UCD’s Information Systems Faculty to provide a variety of opportunities enabling its members to pursue both academic success and career opportunities.

Professional and Academic Affiliations:

Joining the ISA is Easy!!

  1. Follow this link: https://orgsync.com/join/8934/information-systems-association or by clicking the logo.
  2. orgsync_logo_whiteThis is the Student Organization Portal for all organizations at CU Denver – if you have not done so, create an account by finding our school and using you university credentials.
  3. Next, either send a request for approval or use the password: infosys

Faculty Advisor:
Jiban Khuntia PhD | Assistant Professor


2014-15 ISA Officers

Michael Carlisle - President
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Andrew Carmer - Vice President
 I am 27 years old and am an undergraduate Junior/Senior enrolling in the I/S 4+1 Degree through the University of Colorado Denver. I also work full-time at a local restaurant. I enjoy skiing, trail running, hiking, camping, cruising on a bike around town, spending time with my friends, thinking, learning, and building anything from websites to guitars. I aspire to be good at what I do. Currently I’m interested in learning about information technologies and systems and how they can be utilized to help people and how they can more efficiently serve their end user.   
Nena Gardner - CFO
Hi everyone! I’m Nena Gardner and I’m a senior student in Business Administration in Management and Information Systems. I like to be able to work in a small company and become part if it’s growing success one day. In my spare time, some things I love to do is spend time with my family, cooking, arts and crafts, playing video games, billiards, listening to music, singing, watch movies,  traveling and swimming.  
Dallas Greer - VP Marketing
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Daryl Allen - VP Communications
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Zach Weiss - VP Operations
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Chris Schultze - Project Manager
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Murphy Phanhdone - Alumni Representative
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Dr. Jiban Khuntia - Faculty Advisor
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